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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Getting fillings is an essential part of your dental health. When tooth decay sets in and causes cavities, this decay needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Then your dentist will fill the gap to ensure the tooth is stable and healthy.
These days you can get white dental fillings at our Blackburn clinic so people won’t even know you have had this procedure. They have been designed to ensure your oral health is strong while also giving your the confidence to smile without fear of visible fillings.

How Do I Know If I Need A Filling?

While the only person who can tell you for sure that fillings are required is your dentist, there are several telltale signs that you might need to have them soon. Your dentist will take comprehensive x-rays of your mouth and carry out a thorough inspection to look for signs of decay and other damage to your teeth that will require fillings at your regular checkups (which should be carried out every six to 12 months). They will determine which course of action will need to be taken to restore the tooth to health or whether extraction is required.
In between checkups, though, there are signs you can look out for that indicate that you might have decay or a cavity that needs to be plugged up. These symptoms include:
You should not be complacent if you are not experiencing any of these symptoms, however. Tooth decay and cavities can happen very quickly and routine dental inspections are vital to look for the early warning signs. If caught early, a professional clean with fluoride might be able to reverse the decay. If not, a filling may be required. If you leave decay unchecked, it can lead to root canals, rotten teeth and extractions.

Types of Dental Fillings

Many of us probably remember the silver-coloured fillings we received as children. This material was not only made up of silver but also included a range of other metals including mercury, tin and copper.
There have been used for almost two centuries by dentists and could last up to 15 years, which was a good result back in the day. While this option is still available today, there have been superior options coming on the market in recent years.
Silver coloured fillings are a cost-effective solution, but they are also highly noticeable, can fall out and do not last as long as other materials like tooth-coloured, white resin composite fillings. Some of the options used by dentists today include:
When the tooth has been severely damaged (more than 70 per cent), we recommend a crown. In some extreme cases, the tooth has been damaged beyond repair and will need to be removed and replaced with a dental implant or a bridge.

    Why Are Porcelain Fillings The Preferred Option Today?

    Filling a cavity with porcelain is another option compared to the traditional silver solutions and they are much better when it comes to aesthetics because of their tooth-coloured appearance.
    This non-crystalline glass is based on silicon and oxygen. They can be shaded to look like tooth enamel, unlike silver. Sometimes you don’t even realise someone has a cavity because they’ve had a porcelain filling placed on their tooth that blends in.
    A porcelain filling may be preferable to protect the integrity of the smile if you have a cavity that is visible when you smile. In cases where you have a cavity across a molar, a tooth-coloured filling may blend in well when your mouth is opened wide. Porcelain can be applied in layers to create fillings that mimic the real shape of a tooth, offering an advantage in terms of appearance.

    White Composite Fillings Are Another Solution

    Fillings made from composite resin, a tooth-coloured material, bond with your tooth structure to restore your tooth’s shape and create a whiter, brighter smile. Metal amalgam fillings can be replaced with composite fillings that match the colour of your teeth. Composite resin fillings are almost exclusively used nowadays because they look better and are less invasive than their silver counterparts. Porcelain, however, provides a more natural appearance and will also help strengthen the teeth. Unlike porcelain, composite resin fillings are made directly within the mouth, as opposed to making them outside of the mouth and then bonding them to the tooth. Your dentist can discuss which option is best for you. Tooth-coloured fillings are the perfect solution for people that want healthy teeth and gums but don’t want the noticeable look of traditional silver options. It is vital that you have regular dental checkups to catch decay and cavities early. We offer Invisalign treatmentpaediatric dental careimplant dentistryteeth whitening and regular dental check ups. Book your next appointment with Focus Dental Group on (03) 8838 8600</a