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TMJ Disorder Treatment in Blackburn

At Focus Dental Group, our expert dentists will help you manage and overcome health concerns related to a TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull and enables seamless jaw movements – allowing you to eat, speak, and conduct daily activities freely. However, some people may develop health concerns that cause a TMJ disorder. This can be incredibly restricting as the disorder continues to escalate, causing severe pain, and disrupting the entire functionality of the mouth. If left untreated, a TMJ disorder can cause further health problems in the future.Hence, the team at Focus Dental Group are here to help. With our years of experience in the dental industry, we understand what it takes to treat and manage TMJ disorders. Our team of highly qualified dentists will work with you through a one-on-one treatment plan that targets the causes of your TMJ disorder and aims to relieve the problem. To start your journey to TMJ recovery today, get in touch with our dentists.

What Causes TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to your skull and is found on either side of your side. This joint allows your jaw to open and close without issue. However, sometimes health problems relating to the teeth or jaw can cause a TMJ disorder that can be difficult to treat.There are many ways that TMJ disorder can occur. While trauma to the jaw is more likely to develop into a TMJ disorder, sometimes it can take form without any significant incident or reason.Some known causes for TMJ disorder include:
  • Arthritis
  • Overuse and wearing away of the joint
  • Excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw
  • Issues from birth, including structural jaw complications
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Poor sleep
  • Trouble with orthodontic braces
While there are many reasons why you may be experiencing TMJ pain, you can approach our dentists at Focus Dental Group for the highest quality care and treatment. We provide expert TMJ services to patients and guide you through diagnosis, maintenance, and finding a solution to ease your pain and discomfort. Other than TMJ, we also offer paediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dental emergency and more. For more information on the causes of TMJ disorder and our other services, talk to us today.

TMJ Disorder Diagnosis

Diagnosing a TMJ disorder is often difficult as there is no guide that can be followed. Instead, it takes an experienced dentist who has worked with TMJ patients in the past to help diagnose and assess a TMJ disorder case.

Our dentists will examine your jaw and check for function and any pathology or tenderness to ensure you attain the best care possible. While this will help us understand the irritation around your mouth, understanding the condition better will require multiple scans of your jaw. This may include X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. These scans and impressions will make it easier for our dentists to view your joint issues and figure out the structure of your mouth.

With all information collated from the scans and examinations, our dentists can provide you with a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan for your TMJ disorder. However, depending on the complexity of your jaw issues, the diagnosis and treatment time may differ. Hence, speak to our dentists today if you think you may be struggling with a TMJ disorder. We’ll conduct the appropriate actions and run tests to evaluate the health of your jaw joints. For more information on diagnosis, contact us today.

TMJ Disorder Treatments

Treatment for TMJ disorders can be complex and prolonged due to the nature and time of the disorder. It requires patience and compliance, but relief can be obtained after only a few weeks for most patients. Home care is an integral part of any treatment plan.

At Focus Dental Group, our dentists suggest you do the following simple self-care tips:

  • Eat soft foods
  • Minimise jaw movements and opening
  • Apply ice when experiencing swelling
  • Reduce stress
  • Utilise jaw-strengthening exercises
However, if your TMJ disorder is more severe, our dentists may prescribe short-term medications to relieve pain and swelling and relax your jaw muscles. Furthermore, if our dentists assess your dental health and find that you will be better suited to physiotherapy or other bodywork, we may suggest you start those right away. At Focus Dental Group, our team believes in educating patients and guiding them into managing their condition. Hence, making simple lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce your pain and help manage the TMJ disorder. This will also prevent any further complications from arising in the near future. For more on managing a TMJ disorder and overcoming pain, get in touch with our team of experienced dentists today.

Why Choose Us?

Are you struggling with severe jaw pain that seems to be unmanageable? At Focus Dental Group, our dentists are experienced in assessing, treating, and managing TMJ disorders to help patients restore the functionality of their mouth and moderate the pain in the jaw. There are many reasons as to why you should choose our dental clinic for your TMJ requirements, including:
  • A pain-free experience for all individuals
  • A skilled team of professions who can diagnose and treat TMJ disorders
  • Non-invasive treatments available
  • Our goal is to ensure all symptoms related to your TMJ disorder are resolved over time
  • We take efficient action to restore the functionality of your dental health and jaw
When you need TMJ disorder treatment from a boutique dental clinic, choose the team at Focus Dental Group for the job. We’re here to help restore and rejuvenate your dental health and allow you to live a comfortable, pain-free life. We offer services in the areas of BurwoodDoncaster EastForest HillBox Hill North, Nunawading, Eastern Suburbs, and more.


A TMJ disorder can be a medical or dental problem or even a combination of both. This is because a TMJ disorder impacts the jaw joints, teeth, and surrounding muscles. Whether it is a medical or dental problem will also depend on what is causing your TMJ disorder to flare up. Patients dealing with elevated stress, anxiety, or other health conditions can often develop a TMJ issue. Hence, by understanding the cause of your pain, we can plan your treatment based on whether it is a medical, dental, or combined problem.
Untreated TMJ disorder can lead to further issues in the future. Your pain may start to intensify, and other problems can occur, such as jaw locking, irritation, and pain behind the eyes – all of which lead to a disrupted quality of life over time. Further, you may start to experience chronic jaw pain that makes it hard to complete everyday activities, such as chewing and speaking. Hence, you must seek professional help right away.
A TMJ disorder can affect the entire body, including the brain and prevent you from living a healthy life in the future. This is because the temporomandibular joint connects the jaw directly to the skull, and if not treated appropriately, can prevent you from focusing on essential tasks. Talk to our dentists today about the risks associated with a TMJ disorder and how we can help you overcome the issues.
The best way to eliminate your TMJ disorder permanently is to manage it early and by sticking to a well-managed treatment plan set following detailed and concise treatment planning. At Focus Dental Group, we will evaluate the extent of your TMJ issues and help you find the best methods for reducing pain and restoring the health of your jaw. All our solutions are tried and tested and will help you manage your TMJ disorder.

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