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Stained And Discoloured Teeth

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Stained And Discoloured Teeth

Ever wondered why you never see celebrities with yellow teeth? It is because they have access to teeth solutions to whiten their smiles – and you can access these solutions as well. If you have been wondering how to get rid of yellow teeth, you have come to the right place. Focus Dental Group dentists can help with your yellow teeth at our Blackburn clinic through a range of treatments that are safe and guaranteed to be effective.

The Causes Of Yellow And Stained Teeth

Some people are unlucky and are more likely to have naturally yellow teeth. Yellow teeth can be present in kids, teenagers and adults of all ages. There are many causes of tooth discolouration that can impact the internal and external layers of your teeth, including:

How To Clean Stained Teeth

If you have noticed that your teeth have started to become yellowed, faded or discoloured then you are probably looking for a way to make them pearly white again. To determine the correct course of action, it is important to determine whether the stain is on the inside or outside layers of the teeth.
When the stain is on the inside of the tooth this is called intrinsic staining and it involves discolouration of the dentite beneath the surface. This dentite usually becomes discoloured because of diet choices or various medications. The more common form of discoloured teeth is when the extrinsic layer (the outside of the tooth) has become yellow and stained. Various consumable products like wine, coffee and smoking can cause this form of discolouration.
To keep the enamel on the surface white and clean, it is recommended that you have a professional clean for yellow teeth at our Blackburn clinic. This is called cleaning and scaling and will not only remove discolouration but also potentially harmful plaque, calculus and other materials. It is not only the key to a white, confident smile but also all-around oral health. If this form of cleaning does not deliver the results you want, professional teeth whitening may be an option.
When it comes to intrinsic stains, these can be more challenging to remove. Because they are beneath the surface, they are not going to respond to regular cleaning that only whitens the external enamel. Chemical treatment is how to get rid of yellow teeth when the staining occurs on the inside layers. There are two main methods to achieve this:
It is important not to purchase take-home whitening kits online because they might not be safe, reputable or effective. If you want help with your yellow teeth visit our Blackburn clinic for professional advice and safe, effective products.

    Treating Yellow Teeth In Kids

    Discoloured teeth are not just something that older people need to worry about. Yellow teeth can be an issue for kids as well, usually because of diet and poor oral health practices. There are other factors to consider as well. Jaundice, metallic salts and iron supplements that can be present in over-the-counter lozenges and sprays along with excess fluoride can all cause discolored teeth in children. Certain medications, congenital disorders and mouth trauma can also impact the colour of children’s teeth. For minor, external staining you can try a combination of baking soda and water or upgrade your child to adult-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste. It is also essential to get a professional cleaning and inspection from your dentist. If you have any questions about discolored teeth or the treatment options available. Contact the professional team at Focus Dental Group in Blackburn. We also offer dental emergencyorthodontics treatmentpediatric dental caredental implant and teeth whitening. Browse  our website for any dental treatment.