Custom Made vs store bought sports mouthguards


What are they?

Store bought sports mouthguards can be bought from chemists or sports stores. They are usually a U-shaped plastic material that is ‘customizable’ by boiling it in hot water and moulding it to the mouth whilst still warm.

Custom fitted mouthguards are usually done by dentists or dental technicians after taking an impression/mould of your teeth. It is made with a thermoplastic material fitted to your teeth.


Which one is better?

There are pros and cons for each. At the end of the day though, both are designed to protect teeth from sudden forces. Store bought mouthguards are made of a thinner material and do not usually fit very well, therefore in comparison, they do not provide as good a protection as custom fitted sports mouthguards.

Custom fitted sports mouthguards are made to fit with a thicker material. The advantage comes from its snug fit that ensures the mouthguard stays in the mouth. It also allows sudden forces to be distributed more evenly, helping to protect teeth and jaw.

Custom fitted sports mouthguards are also more comfortable and for patients with braces, they are made to protect the braces as well.


How much are they?

Store bought ones can range from around $20 - $60. At the dentist, it normally costs around $100-180.

At Focus Dental, we want to see less injuries and have therefore reduced our custom made mouthguards for a limited time to $30 for junior, $50 for seniors/adult mouthguards. These are made locally with premium material to ensure that they last and protect your teeth. Call us today or book an appointment online.