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Sleep Dentistry Treatment in Blackburn

Is dental phobia or increased anxiety preventing you from attaining the dental health care you need? At Focus Dental Group, we provide our patients with high-quality sleep dentistry to ensure comfort and peace of mind when undergoing dental procedures. Sleep dentistry is a pain-free option and will allow you to endure complicated treatments with confidence and ease. Our trained dental professionals utilise the latest and most innovative equipment to provide highly specialised sleep dentistry services. We guarantee a stress-free experience as we calm the nerves of anxious patients and help them receive dental treatment that is required to optimise their overall oral health. Get in touch with our team today to discuss sleep dentistry options at Focus Dental Group.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a simple process where medication is administered to a patient to help them relax during a dental procedure. There are different levels of sedation used as part of sleep dentistry, and the type we will utilise for your treatment depends on various factors. Our dentists will evaluate your oral health history, the type of procedure you require, and the severity of your anxiety before deciding on the level of sedation needed.

Levels of sedation include:

  • Minimal sedation
  • Moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation
  • General anaesthesia

Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry

Don’t let fear control your dental health. Suffering from dental phobia can be frightening and often prevents you from obtaining a perfect set of pearly whites. With sleep dentistry, you can bypass the stress and discomfort of undergoing treatment and attain efficient and fast results.

The many benefits of sleep dentistry include:

  • A relaxed state during treatment
  • An increased level of comfort
  • Better cooperation between patient and dentist
  • Limited or no memory of the procedure
  • Advanced dental care

Sleep dentistry is ideal for the following procedures:

  • Veneers and fillings
  • Complex dental procedures
  • Full mouth restoration

Why Might I Need Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is suitable for patients who have a genuine fear of the dentist or have increased anxiety that prevents them from undergoing professional dental care required to restore their oral health.

If you experience any of the following complications, you may need sleep dentistry services:

  • A low threshold for discomfort or pain
  • Low tolerance to needles, especially in the mouth
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Sensitive gums or teeth
  • A fear of dentists – this may be due to a bad experience in the past
  • Jaw problems that make it difficult for you to keep your mouth open for a long time
  • The need for prolonged dental care that is stressing you out

Sleep dentistry can help to calm your nerves while you receive professional dental care. If you feel as though you may require sleep dentistry for your next dental procedure, contact our team at Focus Dental Group today.

Sleep Dentistry Cost

At Focus Dental Group, we constantly aim to keep our prices low to ensure our patients access premium dental treatments whenever needed. The average price of sleep dentistry in Melbourne can range anywhere between $200-$300. While there is no fixed price, the final price will depend on various factors. This includes the level of sedation necessary and what procedure you will be undergoing. Talk to our dentists at Focus Dental Group today for more information on pricing and your sleep dentistry needs. Other than this we also offer paediatric dentistryteeth whitening, and more.

Focus Dental Group Are Your Sleep Dentistry Professionals

Throughout our experience in the dental industry, we have realised that many patients reject necessary dental treatments based on fear and extreme anxiety. Often, this leads to more complicated issues that start to impact the functionality, aesthetic appearance, and hygiene of the teeth.

At Focus Dental Group, we are committed to providing exceptional patient care as we will work with you to find a suitable solution to your dental worries. We guarantee that our services will alleviate your concerns and help you overcome your dental fears to undergo dental treatment without any stress. Furthermore, our dental clinic will work with you to create a one-on-one treatment plan that works on your dental anxieties.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose us for your sleep dentistry needs, including:

  • A professional dental clinic environment
  • Dentists with experience in sleep dentistry
  • Personalised services for all patients
  • Trusted professionals in all areas of dentistry
  • Each dental procedure is performed with precision
  • Sleep dentistry will ensure you do not suffer from increased anxiety or subjected to any discomfort

We offer services in the areas of BurwoodDoncaster EastForest HillBox Hill North, Nunawading and more. For more information on why you should choose the team at Focus Dental Group for your next dental treatment or for sleep dentistry purposes, contact us today.


There are many ways to effectively help dental anxiety. This includes simple solutions, such as deep breathing, meditation, distractions, and even hypnosis. However, the most advanced and easier method is sleep dentistry. By being put to sleep or in a relaxed state, our dentists will have the opportunity to operate properly and complete your dental procedure to the best quality possible. Hence, you will obtain your desired results without needing to worry about the consequences.
No. Administering anaesthesia is not painful and will generate plenty of benefits. You may feel some numbness or pressure from the process; however, you will not feel any pain. In fact, most procedures that usually entail pain will now be completely comfortable, including tooth extractions and other dental surgeries. If you’re looking to feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair without having to worry about the procedure at hand, talk to our dentists today about sleep dentistry options.
Usually, our dentists will utilise local anaesthetic to put our patients to sleep and before beginning any dental procedure. Commonly, nitrous oxide will be used to perform the sedation and ensure you are placed into a relaxed state. At Focus Dental Group, our anaesthetists are professional and will make you feel comfortable throughout every stage of the dental treatment.
Yes. Our dentists will put you to sleep so that you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. Putting our patients to sleep also means you won’t feel as though the treatment is too invasive, and you can finally relax your nerves when undergoing dental procedures. Hence, receive the smile transformation you’ve always wanted without having to deal with dental phobia when you opt for sleep dentistry from Focus Dental Group.
At Focus Dental Group, we utilise IV sedation to help our patients feel less anxious and more comfortable with the dental procedure ahead. Hence, you will be in a relaxed state for the entirety of your treatment. We are experienced in this field and understand how much to administer to keep you completely safe. For more information on how sleep dentistry works, get in touch with our team.

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