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Preventive Dental Services

If caught in their early stages, dental diseases can often be reversed, and preventable diseases can be stopped from starting in the first place. We can assist you in detecting hidden dental problems and recommend professional and home-care treatments so that dental disease can be avoided or reversed before it takes hold, preserving your natural smile. By providing proper dental care, you can avoid cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss, and periodontitis or at least lessen their effects. You need to do more than brush and floss your teeth to take care of them. A regular checkup and professional cleaning every six months are essential for complete dental care. Every individual benefits from preventative dentistry, but children in particular who are developing their adult teeth are most in need since this allows them to grow healthy and strong. Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult, you can benefit from preventative dentistry to preserve your own teeth, including sealing your teeth and using topical fluorides. Keeping gum disease, sensitivity, cavities, and other problems at bay are one of the many benefits of preventative dentistry, and patients of all ages discover that it is very beneficial. Focus Dental provides a range of preventive dental options, services and treatment for clients of all ages at our Blackburn clinic. For the best preventive care dental in the local region, book a consultation with our professional dentists today.

Preventive Dental Procedures

In dental health, preventive dental care is all about keeping teeth and gums healthy and avoiding dental and/or gum diseases. With a busy schedule, it is easy to forget how important preventive maintenance and regular professional cleanings are for your oral health. As part of our preventive dental care program, we perform regular dental exams, screen for oral cancer, and do thorough professional cleanings and hygiene maintenance. One of the most common methods of primary prevention in dentistry is preventive cleaning which includes a thorough cleaning and scaling of your teeth and proper gum care as well. In a scale and clean appointment, we’ll use an ultrasonic scaler to scrape away the build-up (calculus) and remove any debris that’s been accumulating between your teeth and under your gums. Your hygienist will carefully remove plaque from the more difficult-to-reach spots around your teeth. This will help prevent gum disease from becoming destructive. You will get dental prophylaxis at the end of your scaling and cleaning checkup to polish and freshen your teeth so your whole mouth will feel noticeably cleaner and healthier. While preventive cleaning is important, orthopaedic and preventive appliances are also part of preventive care. Some of the dental preventive treatment services we might provide depending on your individual case include:

Preventive Dental for Teens And Children

We understand that your child may be intimidated by the dental experience, whatever it is. In order to make our younger customers feel at home, we go above and beyond to make them feel comfortable so they are no longer afraid of the dentist and they can develop strong oral health behaviours. Diet counselling and dietary modification are among the preventive treatments provided to children and teens.
A full range of primary prevention services is available at our Blackburn clinic, including the prevention of periodontal diseases, recommendations on oral habits, and the fitting of mouth guards.
Keep your kids’ dental health and hygiene at the highest level as they grow by visiting the dentist regularly. Our comprehensive approach to health care is focused on the needs of your child, whether it is a routine checkup or a custom-fitted mouthguard.

What Happens If You Ignore Preventive Dental Treatment?

By not developing strong oral health habits and getting regular preventive dental services, you risk more than just losing teeth and having bad breath. Poor oral health without preventive cleaning and treatment can lead to a range of health concerns including:

Don’t put your health and wellbeing at risk. Ensure you (and your children) visit our dental clinic at Blackburn for preventative dental treatments at least once every six months.

We also offer dental emergencyorthodontics treatmentpediatric dental caredental implant and teeth whitening. Browse  our website for any dental treatment.