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Using Myobrace Treatment to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Looking for an alternative to bulky, inconvenient and conspicuous braces to align your teeth? With Myobrace, you can straighten your teeth and jaws without braces using custom made retainers that you only need to wear for a few hours a day.

Dentists around the world have used myofunctional orthodontic techniques for over 50 years. In myofunctional orthodontics, the underlying causes of crooked teeth are addressed by treating poor oral habits (called myofunctional habits) with light, intermittent forces that align the teeth.

In this process, a series of removable dental appliances are worn between one and two hours per day and at night while you sleep.

By using the Myobrace along with regular activities (to increase breathing capacity, muscle strength, and tongue posture), teeth will grow straighter and healthier, leading to a better smile and a healthier face.

Who is Myobrace Treatment For?

Whether you are a child or an adult, a Myobrace can help with crowded teeth, overbites or alignment problems resulting in dental problems or breathing problems like sleep apnea.Our dental specialists at Focus Dental Group offer the Myobrace solution to correct crooked teeth caused by poor habits developed in childhood (that can result in dental issues later in life) such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, and thumb sucking. As part of the Myobrace treatment of crowding, it also addresses issues regarding airway obstruction.While traditional dentists wait until the child reaches 12 years of age to correct habits and make use of their growth potential, the Myobrace system corrects habits and makes use of growth potential even in early childhood. A child of between five and ten is the ideal age group to start, as they will be able to comprehend and change habits.By using Myobrace, your dentist at Focus Dental Group can identify and treat pre-teen, adolescent and adult issues earlier than usual.

What Is Myobrace and How Does It Work?

In order to meet your child’s needs at all phases of their development, there are four different types of Myobrace:

Why Should I Consider Myobrace Over Braces?

Myobrace treatment isn’t only about getting straight teeth. Treatment consists of removing any influences damaging the dental and facial development of the patient, such as an under or overshot jaw.The improvement of poor muscular habits that Myobrace treatment provides can lead to better facial development in children, as well as reaching their genetic potential. The Myobrace treatment methods also benefit health in other ways, such as improving posture, reducing allergies, and reducing joint and tooth problems.You should have a Myobrace consultation with a Myobrace dentist at Focus Dental Group and they can advise you whether you or your child would be an ideal candidate for this form of treatment. However, if you are an adult that suffers from a clicking jaw, teeth grinding (especially in your sleep) or constant head and neck pain (or a combination of all these symptoms) then it is likely that Myobrace would be able to deliver relief for you.When it comes to children, you should consider a Myobrace consultation if they are under 15 and display any of these symptoms:

How Much Does Myobrace cost?

The Myobrace treatment offers better value and is often less expensive than traditional braces. Depending on the circumstances, prices range from $2500 to $4500. A number of factors influence the cost, such as the difficulty of the orthodontic case and the time required for treatment. There are also payment plans available including AfterPay so you can pay the treat over four manageable instalments.

How Much Does Myobrace cost?

A Myobrace dentist starts your initial consultation with an information session so you can ask any questions you may have. This is followed by a full examination with photos and X-rays.Our Myobrace dentist will discuss the treatment process and cost involved in a second consultation once they have all the information they need. When you are ready for us to proceed, we will issue you with the appropriate muscle training exercises and equipment.Treatment usually consists of daily wear of an appliance plus overnight wear in conjunction with monthly muscle training sessions.Other than Myobrace treatment ,we also offer paediatric dentistryorthodontics treatmentteeth whitening and emergency dental treatment. To book an appointment call us at(03) 8838 8600 or click here.