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Keeping an active lifestyle is vital for your health and wellbeing and sport is a great way to keep in shape, make friends and learn the values of teamwork and leadership. Whether you are a child just starting out or an adult looking to improve your fitness, sport is accessible to people of all ages and in all shapes and sizes. However, sport also opens the door for injuries so protective gear is essential. This includes protecting your teeth. Collisions falls or being accidentally struck in the mouth with a bat, ball, racket or other sporting devices can cause major damage to your teeth and gums, including lost or broken teeth. Having a professional mouth guard will protect your teeth from the rigours of sport and custom mouthguards will mould to the shape of your mouth for comfort. For dental mouthguards in Blackburn, contact the team at Focus Dental Group.

The Different Types of Professional Mouth Guard

Choosing the right dental mouthguard is essential no matter what kind of sport you are playing in Blackburn. There are three different types of professional mouthguards, each with its own strengths and points of difference. They include:

What Are The Advantages Of Wearing Custom Dental Mouthguards in Blackburn?

Medical professionals will always recommend custom mouthguards because they offer the most protection to your teeth, gums and jaw. Doctors and dentists both recommend these professional mouthguards because they offer a completely tailored fit that won’t mouth around in your mouth.
Not only does this mean greater protection, but you will be able to breathe correctly (which is vital in all forms of sport) and means you can also speak clearly. Inferior mouthguards will move around in your mouth, inhibit your breathing and you may not be able to talk while wearing them.
Every child playing sport should wear a mouthguard and many sports have mandates that mean it’s essential to use them. While they are vital for all children (and adults), they are especially important for people playing sports with protruding teeth or those that wear orthodontics like braces to provide maximum protection of the mouth and gums.
While custom mouthguards created at our Blackburn clinic may be slightly more expensive than over the counter options at your local sports shop, it is a small price to pay to ensure maximum protection for your mouth while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Custom Mouthguards Can Be Used For Other Purposes

    It is not just people that play sport that can benefit from custom mouthguards crafted by our Blackburn dentists. They can also be used to help with a range of conditions including:
    Whether you need a professional mouth guard for high-level sport, custom mouthguards for the children for weekend sport or dental mouthguards made in Blackburn to help you get a high quality of sleep, our dentists can help. Invisalign treatment, paediatric dental care, implant dentistry, teeth whitening, and kid dentistry are among the numerous dental services we offer. For additional information, visit our website or call us. Come and visit our clinic today to be fitted for a custom mouthguard that will fit your mouth perfectly.