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Dental Implant Treatment in Blackburn

Dental implant treatment is an ideal solution for replacing a missing tooth or a set of teeth. A teeth implant is a screw-like post that is surgically placed into the jawbone underneath the gum. This post then acts as an anchor, allowing the dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge on that area.

The post that is placed in the jawbone fuses with it, thus forming strong support for your artificial teeth. The post also prevents the dentures and bridges on it from shifting or slipping, allowing the patient to eat and speak freely.

dental Implant Blackburn - Teeth Implant Treatment

Why opt for Teeth implants in Blackburn north?

Dental implants offer many advantages including:

  • Enhanced appearance– Dental implants look just your natural teeth. They also function like your teeth as they are made to fuse with the bone.
  • Durability – Dental implants are considered to be a permanent solution to your teeth loss problem. If proper care is taken, your dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Better speech – Unlike poor-fitting dentures, dental implants are fixed and do not move from their place that allows you to speak freely.
  • Convenience in eating - Sliding dentures can create problems while chewing. As dental implants work like your teeth, they let you eat all types of foods without any discomfort.
  • Maximum comfort – As implants are fixed, they free you from the inconvenience that comes along with removable dentures.


What is the procedure for dental implants?

A dental implant treatment may require about 3-6 months, as there may be the need for some minor operations and tests.

The procedure for a dental implant begins with scans and x-rays. These tests help the dentist spot the exact location of where the implants are to be placed precisely. Once the dentist is clear on the location, you can expect a minor operation for placing the post into your jawbone. This is given a few months to heal so the post fuses with the jawbone and forms a sturdy foundation for your new teeth. Next, you can expect your dentist to take a mould of your mouth to prepare the artificial teeth. Lastly, the artificial teeth are screwed or cemented onto the base formed.

Dental implants require you to make multiple visits at the dental clinic. Keeping this in mind, we at Focus Dental Group have designed our clinic to be more welcoming and comfortable. Our patients who opt for dental implant treatment at our Blackburn clinic can expect to get treated in a pleasing environment with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

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