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Gummy Teeth Treatment

Are you showing more gum than teeth when you smile? This is a common issue for many people in Blackburn and it can be a cause of great insecurity and embarrassment. Fortunately, treatment for gummy smiles is simple and you can transform your bad smile into a winning one with treatment from the professional team at our Blackburn clinic. There are many reasons why you may have gummy teeth. It can be the result of development issues in your jaw from when you were a child, having an incorrectly aligned bite or a short lip that creates a wide smile with excess gum showing. So getting gummy smile correction is not just about aesthetics, it addresses the underlying issues as well. The Focus Dental Group clinic in Blackburn offers a number of treatment options, including non-surgical procedures such as orthodontics or crowns, as well as surgical procedures such as a gingivectomy and lip repositioning. Learn how you can fix your gummy smile and get the smile of your dreams by reading on.

Gummy Smiles Can Be Fixed Without Surgery

Gummy smiles can be fixed non-surgically. These are the most commonly used non-surgical options to fix a gummy smile:

How to Fix a Gummy Smile with Crown Lengthening

An alternative to veneers or crowns is a gingivectomy (commonly called crown lengthening), which will reduce the amount of gum tissue on your teeth to make the teeth appear more proportionate. In crown lengthening, the gum tissue is cut or repositioned to expose more of the tooth’s bone structure. The majority of crown lengthening procedures are performed for one of two reasons. This procedure can be used to fix a gummy smile where more gum is visible than teeth. If a tooth requires a crown or filling, but there isn’t enough tooth structure to support it, crown lengthening can also be used. Nowadays, the main reason for crown lengthening is purely aesthetic. Depending on the individual’s tooth structure and the reason for crown lengthening, the process for crown lengthening is quite simple and precise. It is necessary to see your dentist in advance of the procedure, who will take x-rays and prepare your teeth. Before getting the crown lengthening surgery at the Blackburn Focus Dental Group Clinic, you will undergo a thorough examination to determine what is the best procedure for rectifying your gummy smile. Our services are also available in the Eastern SuburbsForest HillNunawadingDoncaster East and other parts of Australia.

    Laser Gum Contouring

    In contrast to gingivectomy, laser gum contouring contours the gums and moves the gum line back using a laser. Gingivectomy procedures are minimally invasive, reshape the gum line, and are often performed for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons rather than a medical necessity. The amount of gum tissue removed will vary depending on your mouth and gum shape, and laser gum contouring can sometimes remove more than a traditional gingivectomy.

    You will most likely be given a local anesthetic for either laser gum contouring or a traditional gingivectomy. In both cases, you are likely to experience minor amounts of discomfort, though the amount of discomfort you experience will vary based on how much gum is removed. If you have any questions about your procedure options, ask your dentist for more information.

    Make an Appointment With Your Dentist

    Consult your dentist if you would like to correct your gummy smile or address the underlying issues causing it. It is not always necessary to have a medical reason to fix a gummy smile. You can achieve a more proportionate look with minimally invasive procedures such as crowns, veneers, and gingivectomies. There are a number of ways to eliminate gummy smiles that can help people feel more confident about their smiles. These options are often permanent, meaning you will not have to worry about repeated treatments if you want to keep your smile looking the way it should. If you are interested in gummy smile correction, speak to the team at Focus Dental Group in Blackburn. We can offer advice and show you gummy smile before and after photos, show you around the clinic and help put your mind at ease about the simplicity of the procedures on offer. Other than gummy teeth treatment, we also offer emergency treatment, dental implant, kid dentistry, teeth whitening, full mouth rehabilitation and more. To know more in detail please contact us or call at (03) 8838 8600</a.