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Gum Recessions

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Gum Recessions

Receding gums is exactly what it sounds like when you suffer from shrinking gums that will expose more of your tooth roots and make them appear larger.Not only is gum recession unsightly, but failing to get the proper receding gums treatment can lead to more complicated dental health issues including the loss of teeth. Because more of your tooth is exposed, it means these parts of your teeth become exposed to wear and tear along with dental decay, plaque and cavities.Regular dental checkups are required to inspect the gumline so we can start gum recession treatment. Shrinking gums don’t often cause pain, although they can make you more sensitive to hot and cold foods. To ensure you have healthy gums, book your appointment for an inspection and receding gums treatment in Blackburn with Focus Dental Group today.

What Is the Cause of Gum Recessions?

Age is one of the leading causes of gums receding from teeth because our gums will change as we get older just like our hair and nails.
Over time, you can expect a moderate amount of tooth recession that is perfectly normal. However, when you have excessive tooth recession that is onset rapidly it can be very bad for your oral health. Aside from age, there are a number of other factors that can lead to tooth recession including:
Gum recession cannot be reversed naturally once it occurs. It is better to avoid gum recession by taking preventative measures. Examples include:

What Happens If I Fail To Repair Receding Gums?

A gum recession gradually worsens over time, exposing the dentine beneath the gums as they shrink from the root surface. This dentine is not supposed to be exposed and will wear out much faster than the enamel on the exposed part of the tooth.
A sign that this has occurred can be a wedge-shaped defect or a visible notch located at the base of the tooth. It is this area of the tooth that is most susceptible to decay, sensitivity, and even nerve exposure that may require root canal treatment or removal.

What Are the Treatments for Gum Recession?

There is no need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about gum disease. At Focus Dental Group, we provide gum health restoration, and whenever appropriate, we can restore your receding or missing gum (gingiva).An implant or a gum grafting procedure can often be used to treat receded gums. During periodontic surgery or periodontal plastic surgery, the gum tissue is reconstructed or the position of the gum is altered to create an aesthetically and functionally acceptable shape and position.Dental implants may require gum grafts to augment thin or missing tissues around implants, to restore receding or aged gum, to cover unsightly or sensitive root surfaces, to thicken weak and delicate gums, and to cover unsightly or sensitive exposed tooth roots.Treatment for gum regeneration is also known as gingival grafting, gingival grafting, or gum grafting. During this procedure, the periodontal soft tissues that are thin, receding, or expected to recede are regenerated or modified.Aside from grafting, there are other measures available including repositioning the gum back into place where possible or grafting using connecting tissue and thickening the gums themselves. Focus Dental Group will always favour the least invasive method possible to fix receding gums to ensure the best result and the least discomfort for yourself.

What Is The Gum Recession Treatment Cost?

Receding gums treatment at our Blackburn clinic will involve different costs depending on the severity of your situation and the method required to repair your receding gums. Our professional dentists will carry out a thorough inspection and deliver an honest and transparent assessment about which treatment method is right for you.You may be covered for gingival treatment under the dental coverage in your health insurance plan which can reduce the overall costs, you will only need to pay the gap. Our team is also available to help you choose the best health insurance options to maximise your claims for dental health procedures.We also offer AfterPay so you can pay off the treatment of your receding gums over four management instalments. Either way, you should not delay when you are suffering from this condition as it can lead to more severe dental issues that will cost you a lot more in the long run.We offer other dental services including kid dentistryemergency dentistryteeth whiteningroutine dental examinations and more. For additional information, visit our website or call us.