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Gum Disease Treatment

For complete oral health, it is not just our teeth that need to be looked after. Taking care of your gums is just as important, or you risk developing gum disease, which is also known as periodontitis or gingivitis. This disease develops slowly, so discovering the early signs is essential for proper gum disease treatment. Your gums are like the soil in your garden; soil ensures your trees and plants are stable in the ground and get the nutrients they need. Just like diseased soil will cause your plants to wither and die, diseased gums can lead to serious dental health conditions including rotting teeth and teeth that fall out. Regular dental inspections at Dentist Blackburn Clinic can identify the early signs and stages of gum disease and periodontitis so we can develop the best treatment strategies at our Blackburn clinic.

What Causes Periodontal Gum Disease?

Gingivitis and periodontitis develop when your oral health is not being properly taken care of. Without regular cleaning, flossing, dental checkups and a healthy diet that is light on sugar and starches, plaque will build up on your teeth and they can develop decay and cavities. When your teeth are unhealthy, this impacts your immune system and your teeth can become red, inflamed and bleeding. This in turn can lead to the infection spreading to your teeth which is quite a painful process. It can lead to tooth extraction and it is not a problem that is going to reverse itself on its own. There are environmental factors that will impact the health of your gums as well. You are more likely to develop gum disease symptoms as you get older, while smoking or other health conditions can also increase your risk of needing treatment for gingivitis and other gum diseases. Because poor oral health puts a strain on your immune system, it can also impact your overall health and put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

What Happens if I Leave Gum Disease Untreated?

Many gum diseases are painless in the early stages and progress slowly. Over time, harmful bacteria will multiply and infiltrate your periodontal pockets which will cause damage to your gums, teeth and bones that cannot be reversed.

Tooth loss will eventually result from gum disease. As a result of gum disease, you may have loose or missing teeth, which can result in other teeth becoming overloaded and gradually becoming loose.

That is why identifying gum disease in the early stages is essential for successful treatment. So what are gum disease signs I should look out for? There are five key gum disease symptoms that should never be ignored including:

What Is the Treatment for Gingivitis and Gum Disease?

The first step in the treatment process is professional dental cleaning for gum disease at our Blackburn clinic. The first professional cleaning is known as scaling and root planing and involves removing all plaque, tartar, and bacterial products. In scaling, tartar and bacteria are removed from the tooth surfaces and underneath the gum line. During root planing, bacterial products produced by inflammation are removed and smoothed, preventing further tartar and bacterial buildup. Instruments, lasers, or ultrasonic devices may be used during the procedure. The next step is any dental restoration that may need to be carried out. Crowns, dental implants and bridges can be used to replace any lost or damaged teeth and restore your smile. When the patient actively takes part in dental care, professional gum treatment is extremely effective. By brushing, flossing, and cleaning between your teeth on a regular basis, you can remove bacterial plaque and allow your mouth to rest and recover after meals. Dental care for gum health is a passion for our dentists and we can provide a personalised oral hygiene program and comprehensive gum care routine for you. Prevention is always much better than treatment when it comes to gum disease, so booking routine dental inspections every six months is vital. We also offer Invisalign treatmentpaediatric dental careteeth whitening and regular dental check ups. Contact Focus Dental Group at Blackburn to book your next appointment.