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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There are many dental solutions available for unique and individual circumstances. However, in many cases, multiple dental procedures will be required for total oral health and that can include a full mouth rehabilitation. Focus Dental Group is your local full-mouth rehabilitation Blackburn dentist with the latest technologies, innovations and the professional, friendly and highly-skilled team to deliver full mouth rehab services that will change your life. What does full mouth dental rehabilitation involve? A complete oral rehabilitation will include a range of different dental specialities including restorative services, cosmetic dentistry along with general services. This requires a team of qualified, experienced and professional dentists and cosmetic dentists working in tandem to improve your oral health and help deliver a confident and healthy smile.

Cases That Can Be Treated for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Many people need more than one dental treatment at the same time and need full mouth rehabilitation. The majority of patients who require full mouth rehabilitation have neglected their dental care for too long and now have several dental problems, including sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks and cracked broken or missing teeth.
Those who have had dental work that has deteriorated due to natural wear and tear, or neglect, can also benefit from full mouth rehabilitation. The goal of full mouth rehabilitation is to ensure longevity, beauty, and comfort by coordinating dental procedures.
The following are some of the most common problems that full mouth rehabilitation solves:

Which Dental Procedures May Be Included In Complete Oral Rehabilitation?

The process of gum, jaw and teeth rehabilitation can involve a range of dental processes that make up full dental rehabilitation. It will all begin with comprehensive cleaning, photos and x-rays to determine the extent of the oral health issues. Then a plan for full dental rehabilitation will be put together by your Focus Dental Group team at our Blackburn clinic that may include procedures like:
Specialised procedures may also be used to treat any gum or jaw disease that you may have and cosmetic procedures can be employed to improve the physical appearance of your gums.

What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Mouth Rehabilitation At Your Blackburn Clinic?

The benefits are enormous. Not only will have a brand new smile that will fill you with confidence, but you will enjoy major health benefits as well. Poor oral health can impact your overall health and wellbeing so you will feel significantly better after mouth rehabilitation.
Because this process involves a range of dental procedures being planned and performed in harmony with each other, the overall time it takes to resolve your dental issues will be shorter, your recovery time will also be less and this form of treatment is more affordable than having the individual procedures carried out in isolation.

Would I Be a Candidate for a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

This question can be answered only by your dentist. The majority of candidates for full mouth rehabilitation have two or more dental health problems. Find out if you are a candidate for complete mouth rehabilitation by meeting with your Blackburn dentist at Focus Dental Group. We also offer dental services including  Invisalign treatmentpaediatric dental careemergency dentistryteeth whitening and regular dental check ups. Browse our website or ring a bell for more information.