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Sealants protect your teeth from decay in a painless and safe manner. Fissure sealants are plastic coatings applied to back teeth that protect the biting surfaces. Sealants act as a hard barrier to prevent food and bacteria from penetrating the tooth grooves and causing decay.

Children benefit greatly from these affordable, quick, and long-lasting dental care options. A few months after your permanent molars appear, you may begin applying this fluoride-rich white sealant material to their deeper grooves. By sealing a dental cavity, plaque or food are prevented from getting trapped and causing decay.

When the pits and grooves in molar teeth are filled during the fissure sealants procedure, it creates a shield that prevents bacteria from infiltrating and it means that you are up to 22 times less likely to develop decay that can turn into tooth cavities. It also makes your teeth much easier to clean effectively because you are not getting food particles trapped in hard to reach places. This treatment is effective for children, teens and adults.

What Is The Fissure Sealants Preocedure?

The first step is to thoroughly and professionally clean the teeth to ensure there are no food particles that could become trapped and impact the sealing process. When it comes to applying the fissure sealants, there is generally no discomfort and there is no pain. Your dentist will condition and dry your teeth as part of this process.
Cotton will be inserted into your mouth to keep the teeth being treated dry. Depending on the material used to seal your teeth, a blue light might be required or they may set by themselves. It is a quick, simple and painless procedure and our professional dentists at our Blackburn clinic will ensure your child is comfortable throughout.

Which Teeth Should Fissure Sealants Be Applied To?

This treatment is designed especially for your back molars because they have pits and fissures that can become susceptible to bacteria build-ups and decay on the surface. The process involves a thorough examination to determine which molars may require this treatment. This is because the fissures need to reach a certain depth or the fissure sealant will not take hold.
Even if you have taken exemplary care of your oral health, you could still be a candidate for the fissure sealants procedure. Some people have naturally deep fissures and pits while others have naturally shallow ones, you never know until a complete examination has been carried out.

Which Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Fissure Sealants?

In comparison with fillings and other dental restorations, fissure sealants provide several
A sealant might fall off after six months – this usually happens. In addition to your routine dental checkup, visiting the dentist regularly is a good idea to make sure your sealant is in good condition. Over time, the coating will wear down and will need to be reapplied.
Fissure sealants have a high degree of durability and can last months or even years while holding up to daily eating, chewing, biting and cleaning. Individual differences may also play a role in how fast the protective coating wears down. A fissure sealant that was difficult to place might have a shorter lifespan. Maintaining your sealant’s health is best accomplished by having regular dental checkups.

The Benefits Of Fissure Sealants

You or your child’s dentist may recommend a fissure sealant if the pits and fissures in your back teeth pose a high risk of developing cavities. The risks associated with this procedure are negligible if you visit your dentist regularly. In addition, you could avoid the need for more expensive and invasive dental procedures later on.There is no drilling involved in this procedure (except if the tooth is already decayed). Patients who have never had anything beyond a dental checkup might feel a little nervous, but you can assure them that it won’t hurt and that it will help keep their new teeth strong and healthy – plus it will make them easier to clean. A dental sealant may alter your bite after it has been applied, but you shouldn’t have any problems getting used to it.Some of the other benefits you or your child will enjoy by having the molars sealed include:

How Much Do Fissure Sealants Cost?

It costs around $40 to $90 per tooth to get a fissure sealant.We understand that choosing the right dentist is essential when it comes to children, who may be afraid of visiting a dental clinic, drills and pain. This can be especially pronounced for children with special needs or hyper-sensitivity.Not only are the dentists at Focus Dental in Blackburn highly trained, skilled and experienced, they also ensure that the clinic is a comfortable environment for children (and adults). We want to ensure that all children develop lifelong oral health habits and that includes regular dental inspections.Many adults have an ongoing fear of the dentist and it is our mission to ensure that all children and adults overcome their fears and think of the dentist as a safe place where all of their oral health needs are met.We also offer teeth whitening, invisalign, implant dentistryemergency dentistry and more. To know more in details, please call us at (03) 88388600.