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Emergency Dentist In Blackburn

how do you know it's a dental emergency?

Not every dental situation is an emergency!

We have listed some emergencies to help you know when you need to seek immediate assistance.

Lost or broken filling or crown

A missing or loose filling can allow bacteria to develop between the tooth and the filling, causing the situation to worsen. The longer you keep it unattended, the higher the chances of your tooth being damaged. Hence, in case of lost, loose, or broken fillings, you should get in touch with us. Once you book an emergency dental service with our emergency dental clinic in Blackburn, we can perform the necessary tests to check the condition of your tooth. After examining your tooth, the appropriate treatment can be started immediately.

Fractured or cracked tooth

An accidental fall can lead to a cracked, fractured or even an avulsed/lost tooth. An avulsed tooth is an emergency that requires immediate attention. A cracked or fractured tooth can cause sensitivity or a severe toothache if the nerve is affected. If such a situation arises, you are recommended to reach out to us immediately. If the crack is minor, our emergency dentist may repair it with filling material. However, if the impact of the fall causes nerve damage then appropriate treatment will be recommended and may include a root canal therapy.

Tooth 'Nerve pain'

We recommend that you book an emergency dental appointment in case you experience severe toothache. As every tooth is connected to a nerve, any damage to the nerve can lead to unbearable toothache. In order to alleviate the tooth nerve pain, you need to see the dentist immediately. Ignoring this problem for long can cause the tooth to die and may risk the spread of infection. Also, early treatment can often prevent more complex dental treatment.

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swelling due to tooth infection

Any facial swelling is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. A tooth infection can cause your gums or face to swell. We recommend that you book an emergency dental appointment in case of any facial swelling and let our friendly receptionist know that there is facial swelling so we can make time to see you immediately. Sometimes the swelling may occur due to wisdom tooth problems or other dental issues. No matter what the cause for the swelling is, ensure you contact us immediately as the spread of infection can lead to very serious conditions, including death.

Your go-to emergency dental clinic in Blackburn 

Focus Dental Group aims to ease your pain and discomfort in times of emergencies. In case of a dental emergency, we make you our priority. Call our Blackburn emergency dental care clinic on (03) 8838 8600 and book a priority appointment when the need arises.