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Dental Decay

Everyone is likely to deal with tooth decay and cavities at some point in their lives. While it is more common in children and adolescents, it is an issue that adults should not ignore as a dental cavity can quickly escalate to major oral health complications including rotting teeth. Any signs of mild tooth decay (also called dental caries) should be addressed and removed quickly to prevent widespread dental decay.
All adults must have their teeth regularly inspected to discover any of the early warning signs so we can apply treatment before you run the risk of rotting teeth that need to be extracted.

What is Tooth Decay?

The leading cause of tooth decay is diet-related issues. While it is commonly known that sugary foods and drinks can lead to dental decay, starchy foods like potato chips are another leading culprit. Bacteria feed on these sugars and starches and produces acid which attacks your teeth, causing them to decay and develop damaging holes.You can develop a hole in your tooth when you have tooth decay that starts as a white or dark spot. In the short term, your body’s saliva is your natural defence against tooth decay while it is in its early stages. People who produce less saliva are more prone to caries.Practising strong oral habits and developing healthy eating and drinking habits is the best way to avoid tooth decay. Brush twice a day using toothpaste containing fluoride and drink plenty of tap water which also contains fluoride. Avoid sugary foods and drinks along with excess starches like potato chips.Visiting your dentist regularly (every six to 12 months) is essential as well so that early signs can be detected and treated. You might not even need a filling.We provide other dental treatments too –  Invisalign treatmentpaediatric dental careimplant dentistryteeth whitening and regular dental check ups . Browse our website or ring a bell for more information.

Treatment For Tooth Decay

There are various forms of treatment for tooth decay. This dental decay treatment will depend on how severe your hole in tooth situation is. These are the dental decay treatments our Blackburn dentists will recommend depending on your situation:
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Frequently asked questions

A decaying tooth is a self-perpetuating disease, which means that it will deteriorate over time – and the issue is going to escalate quickly. Dental decay will mean bacteria in your mouth that feed on any leftover food and multiply exponentially, spreading decay throughout your smile.
Mild tooth decay will begin with some minor sensitivity in your tooth and will quickly escalate to extreme pain when chewing, a relentless toothache and throbbing pain that will render you unable to work, sleep or do much of anything. This pain is not going to go away on its own. The infection can spread into your head and neck which will result in hospitalisation in worst-case scenarios.
In the event of deep decay, the nerve within the tooth is contaminated, resulting in a severely compromised tooth. It is necessary to remove the tooth or undergo root canal therapy to fully eliminate the pain if it reaches this point. That is why it is vital to treat dental decay as early as possible.
An estimated third of the world’s population suffers from dental decay. Fortunately, it can be treated in several ways. Possible treatments include tooth-coloured fillings, composite resin inlay/onlays, and root canal therapy followed by full-coverage crowns. An extraction may become necessary if the decay becomes too deep.
Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to most medical and health issues.During the early stages of a cavity’s development, it is difficult to detect it, so it is important to schedule a six-month visit with your dentist to have your teeth checked for any indications of decay.The importance of good dental habits and healthy nutrition habits at home in between dental check-ups also contributes to preventing decay. Dental specialists at Focus Dental Group in Blackburn have many years of experience restoring a decaying tooth to health.Do not wait until your dental cavity gets worse if you suspect that you have one. Call us today at 038838 8600