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Orthodontics -Traditional And Invisalign

We provide both traditional braces as well as Invisalign to patients.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of many clear aligner therapy available in Australia today. It consists of a series of clear, nearly invisible removable aligners that is changed every 2 weeks or so. Each aligner is manufactured to move and straighten teeth slowly until we reach our desired position.

A virtual treatment plan is generated by ClinCheck® software which allows you to see the series of movement generated by the aligners and gives an indication of what can be achieved and what is necessary.

Is it really clear?

It is mostly clear though sometimes attachments are necessary in order to ensure efficient movement of teeth. These attachments are buildups that are teeth coloured in order to reduce visual disturbance.

Why Invisalign?

It’s one of the first company to produce clear alignments and continues to lead others in this field. It’s pioneering research allows for faster and more precise movement of teeth, increasing comfort for patients.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include:

  • Clear technology makes it nearly invisible
  • Custom and precisely made aligners make for faster, more efficient movement
  • Increased comfort as no wires are present and aligners are smooth, causing minimal rubbing on oral mucosae
  • Shorter treatment time for some cases can be achieved
  • Removable which allows for normal eating and cleaning
  • Better hygiene is usually achieved as these aligners can be removed allowing for normal brushing and FLOSSING of teeth

Are there any disadvantages of Invisalign?

Not all cases are suitable for Invisalign, your dentist can decide this after a proper study is done. Also, cost is often slightly higher than traditional braces as these patented aligners are custom made and changed every two weeks, increasing material cost.

Contact us today to enquire about our Invisalign special.