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General Dentistry

I do not have any pain, do I need to go to the dentist?

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Whilst many dental pain can be treated relatively easily, it can also mean bigger issues that require more complex and therefore costly treatment. We would always recommend 6 or 12 monthly check-up and cleans  depending on your personal situation as assessed by the dentist.

How often should I go to the dentist?

There is no fixed answer to this unfortunately. Just as everyone’s dental risk is different, recall should be different too. Someone with a complex mouth full of dental fillings will need to be seen more frequently as do someone suffering from gum disease. On the other hand, a person with excellent oral hygiene, good healthy teeth with minimal or no restoration will only need to be seen yearly. This can only be determined by your dentist and may change as your circumstances change.

I’m pregnant, can I still see the dentist?

Congratulations! Whilst pregnancy is a busy time with many appointments, we should not forget our oral health. It is very important for pregnant ladies to have regular dental visits to ensure a good oral health which will contribute to a good overall health. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can exacerbate teeth and gum diseases. Evidence is also mounting that oral bacteria play a previously unrecognized role in intrauterine infection, and that periodontal infection plays a causal role in adverse pregnancy outcome. Therefore it is important to seek dental care whilst pregnant in order to ensure the best possible outcome.